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Intrusion Alarm Systems

Casemated Systems is committed to protecting your valuable assets

Our security experts can assist you in building an effective security system that fits within your budget. From small commercial systems to multi-tenanted building systems, to outdoor restricted area protection systems, we can help.

Don’t get fooled into thinking that 2 door contacts and a motion detector are sufficient to protect your building or warehouse. There are many alarm dealers out there who are not interested in your protection, just in selling you a monitoring contract.  Remember, even a “basic” system should include contacts on all accessible doors and windows, as well as interior or “space” protection to detect movement inside the premises when the system is armed.

Interactive Control

One of the most useful benefits of security systems now-a-days is in providing information to a building or store owner, manager or designated employees.  Aside from deterring intruders, sounding an alarm, and reporting to a monitoring station, they are now often used as an information centre and management tool. With the proper set up, you can:

  • check system status and arm or disarm your system remotely with a mobile device or PC
  • get notification of system troubles like low battery, AC fail, hi-low temperature alarms, water or flood detection, and fire supervisory alarms
  • get notification of openings and closings advising you when your employees come and go
  • link to view cameras on site, both live and recorded video

Outdoor perimeter and area protection

Coupled with high resolution low-light cameras, our perimeter and area protection systems provide the most advanced security available for your property and assets. These systems are particularly suited to utilities, oil & gas industries, airfields and other outdoor restricted access sites where security breaches must be detected.

Our ALDS Advanced Laser Detection Systems employ scanning lasers that can track and record intruders movements with an accuracy of millimeters as they move throughout restricted areas, and paint a breadcrumb trail of their movements, all the while controlling a powerful PTZ camera to capture their actions on video.

Our Southwest Microwave perimeter protection systems can localize where a perimeter breach occurs to within metres, with either fence detection or buried cable sensors