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  • Time and Attendance
  • Time and attendance+ access control
  • eTime Track software ( desktop and web based)
  1. Time and Attendance
  2. Payroll
  3. Canteen management
  4. Visitor management with biometrics
  • Canteen Management

Based on the requirements the customization can be broadly classified as,

Biometric Access Control System

RFID technology:

RFID smart card technology has revolutionized the business world. With the advancement in the technology the card based solutions has turned out to be one of the promising and economical solution. Casemated Systems RFID technology has a proven track record and has tasted success over a decade since inception.

Fingerprint technology:

Fingerprint technology uses a person’s fingerprints to identify him through fingerprint scanning. This technology is used not only in security systems but also in the field of forensic and crime scene investigations. With a combination of fast algorithms and high reliability, Casemated Systems fingerprint technology has been used in various fields in the “biometric industry”.

Face Recognition technology:

With Vast experience in the field of biometric-fingerprint technology, we have diversified our research and development into face recognition technology. The outcome is a unique range of standalone face recognition products which are truly contactless and works on 1: N verification method.

Casemated Systems  optional customization includes,

  • Push data
  • Wi-Fi
  • GPRS

With the proven track record in the biometric industry, and honored twice with the prestigious “Frost and Sullivan award”, we at Casemated Systems are really proud to announce that, we are the only synonymous brand in the biometric industry with over 70% plus market share in tier-I cities in India.